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A Pen to change your life – for life!

There is nothing more powerful than the written word, or, to bring it up to date, the type written word. But, when you can’t bend your wrist, or can’t flex your fingers, or can’t grip, how can you either write, or type. How do you put your signature to legal documents, contracts, letters to loved ones. Even the simplest of tasks, like signing to accept a delivery becomes arduous when you can’t grip.

But what about if you could just simply rest your hand on the pen, move your arm, and hey presto, you’re writing! Well here it is. The MouseWriter. Simple. Easy, And it fits into your pocket, briefcase,handbag, rucksack – in essence, it’s portable.

And no inserting pens or pencils, no adjusting clamps, no slipping ties or straps over your fingers. Simply pick up the Mouse Writer - and write.

  • 1% of the World's Population


    Approximately 1% of the world's population, 74,000,000 (seventy-four million) people (Source: World Bank), are afflicted by Rheumatoid Arthritis; women three times more often than men.

  • Who's it for?

    The Mouse Writer is aimed at people who can not grip; children who find difficulty in gripping a pen in their early years, and others who will benefit from not having to painfully manipulate the wrist, and grip, in order to put thoughts and pictures onto paper, when writing/drawing on a vertical or horizontal plane.

    However, even people who have no difficulty whatsoever in gripping pens find the Mouse Writer easy to use.

  • Improved Concentration

    The Mouse Writer allows children to concentrate on the writing, rather than the holding of the writing implement. The Mouse Writer is a more pleasurable 'tool' for the child to use when colouring pictures.

  • The

    The Mouse Writer

    The Mouse Writer is a quality product, designed to keep the point of the pen at the correct angle for easy writing. The angle of the pen nib to the writing surface guarantees that whatever you’re writing, drawing or sketching, will be consistent with the pressure of your hand and arm. Moulded from ABS plastic, you can rest assured that the Mouse Writer is built to last.


The Mouse Writer was born out of necessity. A simple idea that maybe should have been thought of long ago.

The MouseWriter’s inventor had watched his son struggle with gripping a pen for quite a while.

The son, suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis, like a lot of people suffering from debilitating diseases, never ever complained, rather accepted his lot and simply got on with life. But, like all parents, the inventor felt for his son and set about solving an everyday problem.

Okay, so gripping was a problem, but hand and arm movement was not. Problem solved; attach the writing instrument to the hand/arm without gripping. How?

Physical, mechanical attachment was out of the question, but how about plain old simple gravity. It’s been with us forever, and it doesn’t look like going away in the future. And the MouseWriter was created.

Big enough to encompass without gripping, but portable and fashionable.


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The pen is always in contact with the writing surface, even without pressure.

A side view of the sleek profile of the Mouse Writer pen.

Showing how the hand simply rests on the Mouse Writer pen, allowing the thumb to tuck in underneath the wings

A computer generated image of the Mouse Writer from the front and side

A computer generated image of the Mouse Writer from the front shows the ergonoic wings that make the pen easy to hold

An example of sketching done with a Mouse Writer

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